10-year-old’s Work Ethic Earned Him the Title of a Team Captain

Dylan has always been part of a winning team, but that doesn’t stop him from practicing hard. This work ethic has allowed him to become the captain of the defense and a line leader at practice.

Name: Dylan Skelley
Age: 10

Photograph courtesy Devyn Glista

How it all started: I started in kindergarten, so I’ve been playing for six years now.

Biggest role model: All my coaches on my team.

Greatest moment: Getting my first sack!

Ultimate goals: To have fun, be a leader, and help my team do their best.

Pre-game rituals: I watch football videos on YouTube. That helps me get pumped up when we’re in line ready to go on the field, and I concentrate on having fun, doing my job, and winning!

What’s next: Continuing to play football! When I do my job, I get pumped up during a game and feel that energy. I know this is my sport.

Favorite player: JJ Watt because he inspires me to do what I love. He never gives up and never quits, and that helps keep me pumped to never give up either!

Why do you enjoy football? I practice hard, I go out there and do what I’m supposed to do, and I have fun! We all have a job to do—I can’t do my job without my teammates, and they can’t do theirs without my help. We’re a team!

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