New to Camping? Check Out These Tips for Beginners

Look like a seasoned camper with these handy tips and tricks for your next venture into the wilderness.

Photo collage by Karen Lynch

If you’re looking to head out into the great outdoors, getting started can be quite intimidating. There’s a lot to know and a lot to plan for. These few tips will get you pointed in the right direction, so you can hit the trail like a seasoned camper.

Save money on gear

REI (a national chain) in Rookwood offers special members-only discounts on everything from tents to hiking boots. The best part? Lifetime membership is only a one-time $30 fee, so it practically pays for itself.

Beat the crowds

Make reservations in advance and consider visiting during the week to avoid the biggest crowds. Most campsites in the tri-state will accept reservations months in advance!

Secure your oasis

If you’re camping at a site without potable water, the rule of thumb is to pack two gallons of water per person per day of camping. Don’t feel like lugging around plastic jugs? There are plenty of options out there for easy water purification.

Pitch at a clearing

Accidents happen, even on days with good weather. When it comes to pitching your tent, it’s always wise to pick a spot out in the open instead of beneath trees. Unexpected high winds, lightning strikes, and falling branches can spell disaster for you and your crew.

Consider a tech ban

Or at least put down the phone for a bit. Remember, you’re out here to get away from the stressors of everyday life. If you really want to rough it for a few nights, bring along a lockbox for electronics.

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