Shop Talk: Your Friends & Neighbors

Your Friends & Neighbors

Photograph by Devyn Glista

When self-proclaimed “Mid-century Modern nerd” Maya Drozdz met LeftCoast Modern owner Rob Hofbauer, they immediately bonded over their shared interest of Mad Men–era furniture. It just so happened that Drozdz had been looking for retail space to set up indie design shop Your Friends & Neighbors, and Hofbauer needed an extra set of eyes in his Leftcoast Modern annex. “When he offered to share space, it was a no-brainer,” Drozdz says.

The resulting shop is an appealing mash-up of refined vintage and indie craft. And it’s a symbiotic relationship: The furniture acts as a display for Your Friends & Neighbors’ goods; the products add life to Leftcoast Modern’s furniture. Matte pastel ceramics by Heather McCalla rest atop a vintage credenza, Oh Dier’s arikata serving boards are fanned out on a mod side table, watercolor-print pillows by textile artist Whitney Manney add softness to a rigid Eames chair, and laser-cut wood clocks by designer Sarah Mimo adorn the walls.

Everything is handcrafted by independent makers, including Drozdz. Her creations include brightly colored pillows printed with geometric shapes that act as the missing link between the items already offered in-store.

As for what she’ll carry next? “I’m sourcing from my imagination.”  

Your Friends & Neighbors, 2803 Woodburn Ave., E. Walnut Hills, (513) 258-8461,

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