Space Invader

The alien among craftsmen.

Halfway up a no-outlet residential street in Covington, in a row of craftsmen-style homes, is what looks like a flying saucer. This is the Futuro House, also visible from the Brent Spence Bridge. Owner Rob Detzel moved the 26-foot-diameter structure here in 1976, and in 2013, Covington Mayor Sherry Carran unofficially dubbed the surroundings “Area 89” (which had less to do with Area 51 and more to do with local ClassX radio station 89.1 FM). Designed by Finnish architect Matti Suuronen in 1968, the UFO-shaped house is made entirely of reinforced plastic—at the time regarded as the new frontier in affordable, portable housing. The oil crisis in 1973 jilted the plan, and only 96 were ever manufactured. See how it stacks up to other local landmarks on the Unexpected Covington Tour. Remember, it’s a private residence, so be good E.T. 224 Wright St.

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