Planting Bulbs—Investing in Promise


We like to think of spring as being a season of promise, but I find fall to be just as full of possibilities. We’re planting bulbs, shrubs and trees, letting them take root before a forced winter rest. Their autumn promise is to grow stronger and sturdier—better able to withstand the vagaries of our Cincinnati winters and our spring’s soaking rains and windy days.

I spent part of an afternoon on Honey Hill Farm this weekend chatting with its owners, Bill and Hurst. (You may remember a feature on their daffodils from our March 2008 issue.) We talked about hot and dry spells, their effects on daffodils and daylilies and their deadly effects on Hurst’s Japanese maples. We touched on the destruction that severe weather brings, but the fact is, we continue to work on repairing and healing our fractured bits of garden with a little elbow grease, pruning and some general gardening know-how. When we annually dig up and divide our perennials, we invest in the possibilities. Our bulbs make a promise as we drop them in the soil each fall—that in spite of the storms that pass by and the icy winter days, beauty and blooms will be back.

As you plant your bulbs this fall, think of the joy of what’s to come. You can invest in the promise, too, and maybe meet gardeners Bill and Hurst or other members of the Southwest Ohio Daffodil Society at their October 16th Bulb Sale at the St. Clare Harvest Festival in Hartwell from noon until 4 pm.

Photo of Honey Hill in the spring by Marnie Hayutin

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