OTR Holiday Home Tour

See inside all those newly renovated homes you hear about—and support a good cause with your snooping.

OTR Home Tour Flyer_v5If you’ve navigated the construction dumpster–filled streets of Over-the-Rhine, you know the neighborhood’s historic building stock is undergoing a serious (and seriously needed) amount of renovation. And if you’ve tried to find a spot to live in the neighborhood, you know new places are being snatched up fast—or in the case of many on this tour, brought painstakingly by their owners from abandoned shell to well-loved home.

So now, your chance to see inside the dwellings of some very hospitable owners: the Over-the-Rhine Holiday Home Tour. In case you need even better news than your Trulia-trolling habit finding an outlet in the analog world, 100 percent of ticket sales go to Future Leaders OTR, which is working to parallel all that investment in OTR’s buildings with investment in its young residents. Plus one of the homes is still mid-construction, so you’ll get a sense of just how much work these renovations really are.

The tour is self-guided (all the more excuse to get waylaid in a shop or restaurant between stops), but you do need a ticket to be welcomed indoors.

The event runs Saturday, December 13 from 6–9 p.m. and Sunday, December 14 from 1–4 p.m., beginning at First Lutheran Church—just east of Washington Park at 1208 Race Street.

And now, some street-level tease pictures, because you have to go on the tour to see what’s behind those brick walls:

Photographs courtesy Future Leaders of OTR

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