On The Market: Mid-Range Roundup

It’s a good time to buy a moderately-priced home.

It’s a good time to buy a moderately-priced home. According to Ohio’s 2014 Year-End Home Sales report by the Ohio Association of Realtors, the market showed growth over the past year, with a 5 percent increase in average sales prices from the end of 2013, meaning that buying now could potentially mean making an investment in a market of expanding housing values. The average price for the state is now $149, 210, as compared to $142,135 at the close of 2013.

For your review, we’ve rounded up a handful of local houses around that average price mark:

6699 Bantry Ave., Kennedy Heights, $150,000

This nearly 100-year-old home features original woodwork, handy room-dividing French doors, a fireplace, bay windows, and stained glass, plus an updated kitchen and an expansive deck.


2635 Bonnie Drive, Mt. Washington, $149,000

This 1332-square-foot home has a charming layout. With beautiful wood floors, ample natural light, and a cute Cape Code architectural style, the cozy four-bedroom is a perfect place to fantasize about actually being in summertime Cape Cod rather than freezing in the schizophrenic Cincinnati winter.


1140 Asbury Road, Anderson Township, $149,500

With classic woodwork and a dreamy finished attic, this spacious three-bedroom house is perfect for buyers who want to bridge classic and comfort. The raised back porch looking out into a sprawling, fenced-in yard practically screams barbecue and backyard baseball.


Photos courtesy of sibcycline.com

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