Homearama Design: A Q&A with Henry Vittetoe

You can expect big things from Homearama veteran Henry Vittetoe. He’s designed for Homearama sixteen times, and he’s eager to show off his skills once again despite a five year absence. Designing for Hensley Builders, Vittetoe tells us what we can expect from the 2014 Carriage Hill Homearama.

CM:What is the Hensley Builder’s home like?
It’s traditional in its warmth, but it also brings an element of contemporary through the lines and furniture. The house is family oriented: it focuses on the family, their life-style, and usage. But the house itself is definitely atypical.

CM:What are some of the unique features of the house?
Well, for example, there’s no breakfast table. The family (which includes three young children) eats all their meals in the formal dining room. The office is also unusual because there’s no desk. It’s more like a lounge with four high-backed chairs for the modern laptop user. And the dining room ceiling, a large rectangle pad floating off the ceiling, is definitely different.

CM: How did you incorporate the children’s needs into the design?
The mother home-schools, so we’ve included a large creative class-room space. There are two teacher offices with glass windows looking into the class-room for the mom and her assistant. We’ve included an “imaginarium” on the top floor with a planetarium and a telescope, as well as a stage for the kids to put on shows and a loft area for the audience to watch.

CM: Who furnished the house?
The furniture is by Cherry House in Kentucky. They’ve furnished all the Vittetoe homes, and have a look similar to Restoration Hardware mixed with Pottery Barn. Gary Lord did the faux finishes in the formal powder room.

CM: What’s one thing visitors can’t miss?
The shelves in the great room have a really unique look. They’re asymmetrical pieces of thick, solid wood, and they look like they’re floating.

Cincinnati Homearama, July 12–27. Tickets: $13 dollars at the gate, $11 if purchased at a Cincinnati Krogers. Show dates: Mon–Thurs, 4 p.m.–10 p.m.; Fri–Sun, 12 p.m.–10 p.m., carriagehillliving.com/homearama

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