Get the Look: Summer Color

Light pink blossoms and variagated leaves make this arrangement pop from it’s partially shaded porch setting.
Contrasting colors are a good bet for mid-summer, too. Patrick Greeson of Natorp’s blended cool purples with hot pinks using an assortment of flowers and plants that includes Dragon Wing begonias, spider plants, New Guinea impatiens from the Celebration series, and Summer Wave Large Violet torenia, a trailing plant that yields purple flowers all summer long.
Like any good still-life, the taller plants are in the back, and the trailers are in front—but Greeson suggests mixing it up every now and then to allow a few trailers to weave through.
Gardeners tip: Diligent pruning is the key to maintaining this look all summer. The more you water, the larger the plants will get. Trim them back to keep them tidy and to prevent overcrowding.
Photographs by Lemos Photography

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