Market Matters: Do I need to worry about resale?

Illustration by Muti

Earlier this year, I bought my first house. Amid all the talk of interest rates and debt-to-income ratio (thanks a lot, college), there was one topic that resurfaced throughout the process: resale. Any time I expressed interest in a neighborhood or looked at a house, I was immediately reminded that one day, I would want to sell it…despite the fact I hadn’t even bought it yet. “Resale is most important for those buyers whose lives will change in the next five to seven years,” says Emily Buzek Valentino, a vice president of sales at Comey & Shepherd. The assumed profit that buying a home once offered is no longer a guarantee, which is why there is such a push to consider resale from the very beginning. What hasn’t changed, however, is the oldest adage in real estate. “The biggest factor in resale is location,” says Valentino. “If it’s a house that is in a good location and you can also make improvements and upgrades to add value, that’s a good thing.”

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