Colorful Candles


Image courtesy of Danica Candles

If you’re a 9-5er, then right now the sky is dark when you leave for work and dark when you come home. This is the definition of a bummer. So do what you can to make your space a little less dreary by adding some warm, glowing candlelight. We found these cooler-than-usual looks—all made in the USA—in the Gateway Quarter at MiCA 12/v:

Danica Candles
These hand-dipped tapers come in a wide palette of fun colors and are crafted from beeswax, premium waxes, and dyes. Rainbow dinner party, anyone?

Crash Candles
Bright, clean designs from artists Angela Adams and Lotta Jansdotter are silkscreened on glass tumblers. Made of 100-percent soy wax with natural cotton wick. We found scented samples, but unscented versions are available by order.

GreenTree Home Candles

These hand-casted, sculptural shapes were inspired by vintage bottles. Candles are made of 100-percent beeswax, for slow and clean burning, with no added scent.

Images courtesy (from top): Danica Candles, Crash Candles, GreenTree Home Candles

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