Artist Gee Horton on What It Means to Be Unapologetically Black

After helping the downtown Black Lives Matter mural come to life, his current project goes a step further by offering an evocative take on his identity.

The Carnegie Launches a Committee to Bring Socially Distant Theater to the Public

Local artists and performers come together as the Creative Disruption Committee to host live, safe, socially aware experiences.

Cindependent’s “Reels on Wheels” Is a Pandemic-Friendly Cinematic Escape

If the audience can’t come to the movies, Allyson West of Cindependent Film Festival hooks up the trailer and brings the movies to the audience.

The Cincinnati Music Festival Goes Virtual

This week’s virtual shows hope to replace some of the energy music fans find each summer at the Cincinnati Music Festival at Paul Brown Stadium.

Harry Spindler’s Journey from Wild Drummer to Wild Kingdom

Cincinnati’s first jazz bandleader, Harry Spindler, eventually became the city’s go-to expert on collecting and selling exotic animals.

Cincinnati Opera CEO Christopher Milligan on Cancelling the Company’s 100th Anniversary Season

Cincinnati Opera's general director and CEO says the company’s first live forays will likely feature nontraditional spaces, particularly outdoor venues.

Spring Grove Cemetery Offers an Alternative Outdoor Art Experience

If COIVD-19 museum closures are leaving you art-starved, Spring Grove Cemetery and Arboretum is one of the best options this summer.

Bobby Diddle’s Longfurbs Gives a Crafty Update to a ’90s Icon

Local artist Bobby Diddle takes the Furby, a talking animatronic toy from the 1990s, and creates a new kind of character.

The Cincinnati Art Museum’s New Art Climb Is a Great Workout

Now you can work out and appreciate art simultaneously, thanks to the Cincinnati Art Museum’s new Art Climb steps from Gilbert Avenue to the museum’s parking lot.

Sudan Archives Is a Folk Artist, Interrupted

The 26-year-old violinist, singer, producer, and beat-maker is the most cosmic and uncategorizable presence to come out of Cincinnati since Bootsy Collins.