Q+A: Adrian Belew Is Coming Home

At any given time, guitar wizard Adrian Belew is juggling approximately a million projects. We asked Belew about growing up on both sides of the river and returning in the '80s to lend a hand to the Raisins.

All in the Family

With Next to Normal, the ETC takes on a musical that matters—again.

John Morris Russell

The CSO has finally found someone feisty enough and fun and talented enough to fill the shoes of the late, great Eric Kunzel. A chat with the new owner of the red dinner jacket on the eve of his debut as permanent maestro of the Cincinnati Pops.

Guitar Hero

A Warner Bros. record deal gone awry might defeat the average musician. Not Jamonn Zeiler.

Q&A: Previewing Todd Kelly’s Orchids at Palm Court Cookbook

To write his first cookbook, Orchids chef Todd Kelly teamed up with food blogger Courtney Tsitouris of Epi-Ventures.com.

Q&A: Brian Robertson

Transforming soprano Jessica Rivera into a tree onstage as part pf A Flowering Tree pushed Stage Director Brian Robertson's creativity to new heights.

Cincinnati Kids: The National

Their most recent album made numerous “Best of the Year” lists and won awards on both sides of the Atlantic. Cincinnati-bred and Brooklyn-based, The National looks back on the local bands that inspired them and what may lie ahead.

Bravo Paavo!

Before he passes the baton, Mr. Järvi has something to say

Cincinnati Kid: Jimmy Baker

With a new group of high-impact works opening at the Contemporary Arts Center, the artist talks about painting locally, exhibiting globally, and the mash-up of art, media, and culture in 21st century America.

Band Interrupted

 The last time The Greenhornes made a proper album, Barack Obama was an Illinois state senator, Jack and Meg White of the White Stripes were still claiming to be siblings, and there was no such thing as Facebook. Eight years later, Greenhornes drummer Patrick Keeler had