Where To Drink Now: Booze Tours

Enjoy libations on the move (no law-breaking necessary).
tour 3

Illustration by Pete Gamlen

Craft Connection
This craft brewery tour includes generous samples, plus a drop of beer knowledge, at each stop. (937) 367-8054, craftconnectiontours.com, $50–$65/person, 3–4 hours, 3–4 stops, capacity of 14

Cincy Brew Bus
Pick your poison and indulge in a brewery, winery, or bourbon tour. (513) 258-7909, cincybrewbus.com, $30–$70/person, 2-6 hours, 2-4 stops, capacity of 33

Pedal Wagon
It’s hardly enough pedaling to be considered a real workout, but at least it feels like you’re burning off the beer. (513) 201-7655, pedalwagon.com, $30/person, 2 hours, 3 stops, capacity of 15

American Legacy Tours
Available only on Saturdays, their Barons Brew Bus tour includes more than a dozen samples (not to mention the free soft pretzel sticks). (859) 951-8560, americanlegacytours.com, $65/person, 4 hours, 4 stops, capacity of 36

Cincinnati Brewery Tours
With more walking and less drunken shenanigans, this tour focuses on Cincinnati’s rich brewing history. (513) 604-9812, cincinnatibrewerytours.com, $20/person, 1 hour, 2 stops, capacity of 50

Night Shift Limousine
If you’re dying (sorry) to pile into a repurposed hearse, this is the experience for you. (513) 658-5466, nightshiftlimousine.com, $54/person, 3+ hours, 3 stops, capacity of 8

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