It’s Toddy Time

For 200-plus years, the hot toddy has been grandma’s go-to remedy for the common cold. With winter here, it’s time to get sippin’.

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1. The Rookwood
Traditionally, a toddy is made with four ingredients: water, honey, lemon, and whiskey. At Rookwood, they sub tea for water. The Earl Grey helps soothe the sniffles and a dash of simple syrup adds a sweet jolt to the Bulleit bourbon base.

2. Old Kentucky Bourbon Bar
The toddy was a form of liquid courage for soldiers during the Revolutionary War. OKBB shows just how far the drink has come, offering a carefully crafted concoction using bitters and one of more than 250 bourbons.

3. Blind Lemon
If the billowing fire pit in the center of the outdoor patio at the Mt. Adams tavern doesn’t keep your fingers and toes warm, their toddy will do the trick. It’s light on the whiskey but each sip comes with a pleasant cheek-pinching pucker.

4. Highland Coffee House
This dimly lit de facto UC study hall uses lemonade to cut the whiskey. The foamy top is sprinkled with a wintry mix of allspice, nutmeg, and ground clove, making it perfect for snuggling up on the corner couch.

5. Southerby’s Bar
The wood paneling and crackling fireplaces in the lobby of the Mariemont Inn are ideal accompaniments to toddy enjoyment. This extra boozy rendition is made with hot tea and lemon. Mmm…feeling…sleepy.

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