InstaLove: Thirsty Thursday


Thank goodness it’s (almost) Friday. Here’s what’s on tap and in the works at some of our local breweries:


1. MadTree recently tapped their Rubus Cacao chocolate raspberry stout, just in time for Valentine’s Day:

I never thought I’d miss you half as much as I do… #RubusCacao is back! Find it in the taproom today.

A photo posted by madtreebrewing (@madtreebrewing) on

  2. Eat your oatmeal, or drink it? Your call. Listermann’s got an oatmeal pale ale and an oatmeal stout on tap now:

Newton, an Oatmeal English Pale, and Nitro Lateral on draft today. #tooeasy A photo posted by Listermann Brewing Company (@listermannbrewing) on


3. We sure hope Rhinegeist’s new rig means finding Truth (this blogger’s go-to local IPA) will be even easier:

The new steed…

A photo posted by Rhinegeist Brewery (@rhinegeist) on

  4. Quite the stash you got there, Moerlein. Six-packs of the brewery’s new Handlebar Double Stout are available now:

How is your Friday going? Ours is positively cantastic! #christianmoerlein #moerlein #craftcans #cincinnati #cincy #handlebar #drinklocal #ohio A photo posted by Christian Moerlein Brewing Co. (@moerleinbeers) on


5. The tanks are in at Braxton Brewing Co., and they’re beautiful:

Making progress in the brewery one spiral step at a time. Stairway to heaven? Nope, just our office space. #LiftOneToLife

A photo posted by Braxton Brewing Co (@braxtonbrewco) on

  6. Fifty West makes aging look good. The brewpub has some sour beers in the works:

Sometimes “tasting the sours” at 50W is code for 420 but today we were really tasting the sours. A photo posted by Fifty West Brewing Company (@fiftywestbrew) on

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