Brew Crew: Dan Listermann


He got the itch as an undergrad at Miami University in 1973. “Most of what we brewed back then ended up in a fire extinguisher,” said Listermann of his first pass at home brew. It would be another 15 years before the Colerain native would try it again, which just goes to show that good things take time.

Dan Listermann’s story is one of transformation. He began as an engineer with a love for designing and manufacturing home brew equipment. However, by 1993 his career and his calling were vying for his attention, and to no one on the planet’s surprise, beer beat out engineering.

“I thought the city was ill-served, I saw the need and had the equipment,” says Listermann. In 1995, Listermann Brewing Company outgrew its Norwood home and opened up shop on Dana Avenue where he would continue to manufacture and sell home brew equipment until the company received its brewing license in 2008.

Today Listermann’s Brewing Company has 18 employees, a taproom (with an expansion on the way), a bold beer catalog, and an even bolder mission statement: “We’re logging the vast forest of Bud Light drinkers,” declared Listermann. That’s a big forest, but if his beer is any indication, Dan isn’t afraid.

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