Try This: Fika Hus’s Smoked Salmon Spread


Is it just us, or is Covington cornering the market on tasty northern European treats? Just when we thought we couldn’t get enough of Katherina’s Café and Konditorei in Newport, Fika Hus throws open the doors in Covington.


Named after the Swedish word for “coffee break,” a fika (fee-kah) is a cultural construct Americans would be wise to adopt. Enter Daniel Connor.

Smoked salmon spread on a bagel

Born in Sweden to a Swedish mother and an American father, Connor opened Fika with his wife Angie who teaches piano lessons upstairs in the same building. The new pint-sized coffee shop brews Deeper Roots coffee and serves up plenty of Scandinavian-inspired treats. Sure, they’ve got the de rigueur meatballs, fluffy scrambled eggs with dill, and plenty of decadent pastry items, but don’t miss their house-made smoked salmon spread on a toasted bagel, served with sliced cucumber. The minced fish, cream cheese, and chive blend is just substantial enough for a light lunch, or your soon-to-bestandard mid-morning fika.

508 W. Twelfth St., Covington, (859) 816-9125,

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