Try This: CB&J

Kitty’s Coffee reinvents a childhood classic.

A CB&J is PB&J’s more elegant step-sibling: Creamy cashew butter with strawberry preserves, which the good people at Kitty’s schmear onto grilled Texas toast and sprinkle with a pinch of sugar (file that last detail under Great Sandwich Upgrades of the 21st Century). Fans of peanut butter know that the stuff can overpower a sandwich (and be unreasonably sticky); in contrast, cashew butter is textured and subtle.

If you’re craving something savory, give the Spinach Artichoke grilled sandwich a try; it is essentially spinach and artichoke dip on bread. If you just want to stick to the basics, the Pizzini Margherite has you covered with tomato, basil, and pesto with melted mozzarella. What’s a “pizzini,” you ask? It’s a Starbucksism for “flattened sandwich.” Just go with it.

Kitty’s Coffee, 120 East Fourth St. and 121 East Court St., downtown, (513) 632-9580, Facebook

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