Super Cheap Eats—$3 or less

Flip the sofa cushions, turn those pockets inside out, and check the cup holders: You’ve got some Cheap Eats to score!

1. Soft Roll at Cilantro: $1.75
A healthy snack you can pay for with pocket change: Pork and shrimp or tofu rolled up in rice paper with bean sprouts, vermicelli noodles, and fresh greens, served with a side of peanut-sprinkled hoisin sauce. 235 W. McMillan St., Clifton Heights, (513) 281-1732,

2. Ollie’s Trolley burger: $2.50
From Nick Dewald, architect and co-founder of City Flea: “One of my favorites is Ollie’s Trolley on Liberty Street. I think they have the best burger and fries in town. It’s excellent, quick, and an interesting experience. The outside of the place is covered with murals and signs about deep fried turkey, ribs, burgers—basically, all the meat.” 607 Central Ave., West End, (513) 381-6100

3. Huitlacoche Taco at la Mexicana: $2.99
From Nern Ostendorf, Executive Director of Queen City Bike: “La Mexicana in Newport has two unique tacos; I like to get them whenever I’m over there. One is the squash blossom taco; the other is the huitlacoche taco. That contains a corn fungus. Sounds disgusting, but it’s wonderful.” 642 Monmouth St., Newport, (859) 261-6112

4. Tres to seis apps at Nada: $2-$4
At Nada’s “Tres to Seis” happy hour (that’s 3 to 6 p.m., gringo), the snacks are no joke: Boca fries with chive crema ($3), angus beef sliders ($3), and homemade chips and salsa ($2) are all standbys. Do your office a solid and schedule a 3 o’clock meeting to brush up on your Spanish. 600 Walnut St., downtown, (513) 721-6232,

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