The Ohio River Foundation Hosts Its Second Annual Cincinnati Coffee Festival


Nearly two decades ago, at the turn of the millennium, Judi and Richard Cogen established the Ohio River Foundation. Its mission? To protect the quality of our region’s most vital water source. In 2017, the foundation hosted its first ever Cincinnati Coffee Festival. Its mission? To serve as a fund-raiser for the foundation and to support the region’s coffee industry. The combination of a clean water nonprofit and a coffee festival may sound like an unlikely pairing, but, as Judy says, “You can’t have great coffee without great water.”

Photograph by Sripfoto/

After a successful first year, the Cogens host their second iteration of the festival this month. Coffee aficionados from across the area will flood Music Hall to sample and purchase products from local and national roasters, as well as enjoy seminars, workshops, live music, and a latte art throw down.

This year’s festival will see a bit of a shake up. The couple is determined to take things to the next level, choosing only vendors who exemplify the highest standard of excellence. “We’re really looking for folks who want to share their love of the coffee community,” Judi says, “who really want to participate in elevating the region.” And the availability of such a crowd doesn’t seem limited. “We look forward to being able to do it this year, next year, and for the foreseeable future,” she says. We can all tip back some java to that.

Cincinnati Coffee Festival, Music Hall, Nov. 10 & 11,

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