Tableside with Len Bleh, Avril-Bleh & Sons Meat Market

Avril-Bleh & Sons Meat Market has been a Cincinnati staple since 1894.

Avril-Bleh & Sons Meat Market has been a Cincinnati staple since 1894, when Anton Avril first opened its doors. It passed from father to son until 1998, when Len Bleh bought the shop, adding his own name and offspring to the father-son legacy.

Your meats are all over town. We are state inspected, which means we can sell to anyone in the state. We have an inspector in here watching every day.

Who are your primary customers? For Zip’s Cafe, we provide ground beef, pork barbecue, their chicken and tuna salads, and the metts for their Girth burger. Moerlein Lager House sells five of our sausages and Senate serves our hot dogs.

What’s good this time of year? In the winter months people cook more inside. They’ll buy a big beef roast, chuck roast, or a pork roast.

What’s the biggest mistake people make when preparing a roast? Overcooking it. Cook meat to 145 degrees and then remove it from the heat and let it rest for 10 minutes. Some people cook it to 160, then it goes to 170 in a matter of minutes, and is ruined.

We hear grass-fed beef is better. Why is yours both corn and grass fed? It’s got a little more marbling in it. Strictly grass-fed is kind of lean and doesn’t have much flavor. The corn is what puts the fat on them, and it has a better taste.

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