Summer Farmers’ Market Guide: Eggs


Forget bananas: It’s eggs that are quite possibly the world’s perfect food. They’re cheap, compact, and nutritionally efficient. So go ahead and get cracking.


1. Turkey
Why would you eat a turkey egg? Probably because you’re traveling the Oregon Trail via covered wagon. But also because of its rich, larger-than-average yolk. (available on special request only)

2. Quail

You would need a dozen of these little guys to make an omelette. Which is why you should reserve them as garnish for salads, grains, and of course, steak tartare.;

3. Chicken
Bold colors equal happy chickens: Dark yellow yolks mean the bird gets plenty of sunshine; blue, green, and brown shells usually indicate small-scale operations with free-ranging ideals (and a variety of breeds).;;

4. Duck
Don’t love chicken eggs? Try duck eggs. Their velvety texture and non-eggy smell might just convert you.

5. Goose
This large, heavy egg is equal to at least two chicken eggs and has a smooth, creamy flavor. (available on special request only)

Photograph by Anna Jones/OMS
Styled by Jeff Martin

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