Suburban Bourbon


Infused Kentucky Bourbon
Maker’s Mark is chef-infused with vanilla bean and Bing cherries for a nostalgic cream soda flavor; a splash of soda water adds some pep. It’s just sweet enough, with subtle spice and a hint of smokiness.
$9, Daveed’s Next, Loveland, (513) 721-2665

Considerably smoother than its namesake civic battle: Four Roses bourbon, maple syrup, Stirrings ginger liqueur, and a little lemon juice. Need one more vote? Drunken cherry garnish, for the win!
$12, Carlo & Johnny, Montgomery, (513) 936-8600

Prichard’s Double Barreled Bourbon, Neat
A second spin in the barrel yields a well-balanced blend of vanilla, spice, and oak. This baby is silky-smooth with no sting. It’s one of 52 bourbons available here, so you better get to sippin’.
$12 Chappy’s Bourbon and Bites, Milford, (513) 239-8530

The Bee’s Knees
A modern twist on a Prohibition throwback, Bulleit bourbon—instead of the standard gin—gets its buzz from ginger-orange simple syrup, house-made orange bitters, and Gosling’s ginger beer. It’ll make you feel all grown-up.
$6, Dilly Café, Mariemont, (513) 561-5233

Elmer T. Lee Single Barrel, on the rocks
Named for the Kentuckian who blessed the world with Blanton’s (the first single-barrel bourbon) in 1984, Elmer’s batch has subtle aromas of vintage leather. The pour is generous and cheap; tip kindly.
$5, Dean’s Hops & Vines, Cheviot, (513) 515-3215

Originally published in the August 2014 issue

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