Spotted: The Peach Truck


Photographs courtesy The Peach Truck

As far as I’m concerned, the only peaches worth eating are those that require leaning over the kitchen sink. You know what I’m talking about, right? Juice running down your chin and hands, stickiness everywhere in sight—and yet you just can’t get enough. For those peaches, you’re gonna want to start cyber-stalking The Peach Truck.

000000240023When Georgia boy Stephen Rose married and moved to Nashville, he discovered that his new community had nothing that resembled the rich, juicy peaches he was raised on. Rose recognized an opportunity. He traded in his old car for a Jeep truck and started hauling peaches from his hometown up to Nashville. His first five weeks in operation he sold ten tons of peaches. Fast-forward a few years: The Jeep truck has been replaced by a climate-controlled 18-wheeler that keeps the storied fruit in pristine condition. When we purchased a half-bushel on June 20, they took just two days to ripen and made excellent cobblers, pies, and jams, not to mention perfect—if messy—snacks. Better yet: The truck is coming back to town July 11 and 13, with pick-up available at various locations, including Covington, White Oak, Maineville, Fairfield, Silverton, and Newtown.

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