Legendary Italian winemaker Paolo de Marchi coming to Cincinnati

Italian wine buffs will recognize the name Isole e Olena as one of the most prized wine estates in the Chianti Classico region of Tuscany. It was purchased by the De Marchi family in 1950, and is currently under the care of enologist Paolo de Marchi, a fourth generation member of the winemaking clan. He’s often considered a pioneer for introducing foreign grapes to the region (Chardonnay, Cabernet and Syrah) and is ever vigilant in the improvement of his craft while respecting the time-honored traditions set forth by his family. De Marchi credits the ancient Tuscan soil as the most important aspect of his wines and has pledged to “always choose the best soil over anything else.”

At Villa Sperino, near Gattinara in the Piedmont region, De Marchi is producing the Nebbiolo- driven Lessona and Uvaggio wines with his son Luca. The estate, also family property, is often cited as a “passion project,” for the De Marchi duo to create high quality wines that are rooted in old world tradition. Father and son share not just a commitment to excellence, but the motivation to resuscitate these twelve hectares to their late 19th-century glory.

Come hear Paolo de Marchi discuss these two historic estates and his life’s commitment to wine at the Mercantile Library on January 27, at 6 p.m. The event is sponsored by wineCRAFT, and a tasting of six of his legendary wines will follow. A meet and greet will take place after the event at the Via Vite bar, with additional De Marchi wines available by the glass. On Tuesday, January 28, De Marchi will stop and greet guests who purchase his wines at the Over-the-Rhine 1215 Wine Bar before hosting a six-course wine dinner at Boca ($125 plus tax). For additional information on the dinner, call (513) 542-2022.

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