Staff Reactions: Mikesell’s Cincinnati Chili-Flavored Chips

This week in Chips That Taste Like Other Foods, we present the Cincinnati Chili Mikesell’s potato chip. As you might expect, the chips are just as divisive as their famous (infamous?) chili parlor counterpart. Staff reactions were mixed, ranging from bewildered to optimistic to slightly existential:

“It would be nice to dip them in a cheese sauce.” —Brittany Dexter, assistant art director

“I taste allspice and cinnamon. With the right bean dip, they could be really killer.” —Joanne Drilling, dining editor

“When I sniffed them, they smelled like cinnamon. Then when I ate them, I just didn’t know what was going on anymore.” —Jen Kawanari, advertising & marketing designer

“At first they taste like barbecue chips and then just….OK now I can taste the chili. I need to go wash my mouth out.” –Diana Weckenbrock, intern

“They kind of taste like a chili burp.” —Tamia Stinson, stylist/art assistant

“If you supplemented them with all the other ingredients that would go on chili, then they would be pretty good.” —Megan Scherer, deputy art director

“I think they’re good. I think they’d be better if I was drunk.” —Amanda Boyd Walters, deputy editor

“Those Mikesells chips…they’re very savory.” —Jay Stowe, editor

“Not enough spaghetti.” —RJ Smith, senior editor

“I love Cincinnati chili. I would consider myself an expert. I was kind of expecting to hate them, and I was much closer to loving these than I was to hating them. —Justin Williams, associate editor

“I’d put a little Tobasco on them.” —Jenny Swain, account representative

The takeaway: If you don’t like Cincinnati chili, you won’t be into this. But if you’re a die-hard Cincinnati chili fan, these earthy, spiced-up chips should go to the top of your party snack list. And you should put Tobasco on them.



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