Holtman’s Brings The Sufganiyot


Photograph By Jeremy Kramer

Have you heard the good news? This year Holtman’s Donuts is adding the jelly-filled, powdered-sugar-dusted delight known as sufganiyot to their seasonal selection. Whether you’re a gentile or a member of the tribe, this is cause for celebration. All three Holtman’s locations (in OTR, Loveland, and Williamsburg) will stock the sweets during the week of Hanukkah (December 16–24). Katie Willing, co-owner of Holtman’s, says their sufganiyot have been well received in the past. It doesn’t hurt that the price is right ($1.50 each, $18 per dozen). Commemorating the 165 B.C. miracle during which a scant amount of oil burned for eight days and nights, allowing a small band of Jews to defeat a powerful Syrian-Greek army, Hanukkah pays homage with fried foods. Americans may love their latkes but in Israel, sufganiyot are king. Holtman’s interpretation of the deep-fried sweet dough sticks with the traditional spherical shape and strawberry jelly filling, but they jazz it up (a little) with vanilla custard and black raspberry options as well. Consider it a mitzvah.

Holtman’s Donuts, 1332 Vine St., Over-the-Rhine, (513) 381-0903, holtmansdonutshop.com

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