Harissa Explains It All


The cows throughout Le Bar a Boeuf, Jean-Robert de Cavel’s new French bistro in East Walnut Hills, would lead you to believe that steak is the star. That, and the fact that boeuf is French for beef. But the menu’s darkhorse favorite is all poisson. Tuna Alex cleverly turns the American deli standard on its head with fiery North African flavors. Inspired by a snack he had at the home of longtime friend (and Tunisia native) Alex Mchaikhi, owner of M in Hyde Park, de Cavel reimagined it for his menu. Spicy harissa mayo on toasted white bread bookends plump roasted red peppers, boiled egg slices, and Italian tuna, with an anchovy tapenade alongside. At just $9, it’s an app that doubles as a light entrée. Le bar has been set high. Le Bar a Boeuf, 2200 Victory Pkwy, East Walnut Hills, (513) 751-2333

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