Food is Love: Frieda’s Sacher Slice


If, like most Americans, you expect a chocolate slice to be moist and fudgy Devil’s food, then Frieda’s Sacher slice will come as a surprise. Certified Meister Pastry Chef Armin Hack’s individual portion of quasi-traditional Viennese Sachertorte is drier in texture (because it’s more meringue than cake), but with triple the flavor complexity. Sure, there’s chocolate, but also cinnamon and and hazelnuts, not to mention a delicious stripe of raspberry preserves, as opposed to the standard apricot. Topped with ganache, cocoa, and a fresh raspberry, this slice is your new go-to if you or your sweetie crave European-style confections. All you need now is that perfect cup of coffee.

Frieda’s Desserts, 6927 Miami Ave., Madeira, (513) 272-0939,

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