Try This: Fond’s Spicy House-Made Dill Pickles

Ethan Snider knows good pickles.

Photograph by Aaron M. Conway

When owner and chef Ethan Snider opened Fond: Lunch and Deli in October 2014, he knew any self-respecting deli needed solid pickles. However, he didn’t want the same old dill-and-vinegar-soaked cuke. “Anyone who knows me knows that I carve my own path and stay away from the norm,” says Snider. Still, it’s undeniable that dill pickles are twice as popular as their sweeter brethren. So Snider developed a spicy brine consisting of salt, garlic, crushed red chilies, whole peppercorn, bay leaf, and white vinegar. One more trick: Rather than can or ferment Fond’s house pickles, he pours the brine over spears and chips, then refrigerates them. This way it only takes about a week for them to reach full pickle status. Can’t wait that long? No worries. Order the Cuban or beef tongue sandwiches—both layered with pickle chips—or grab a spear on the side of any meal.

Fond: Lunch and Deli, 10764 Montgomery Rd., Montgomery,

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