Conscious Kitchen Serves Healthier Versions of Your Favorite Comfort Food Classics


Photograph by Dustin Sparks

Once upon a time on Clifton Avenue, caught in the tangle between Calhoun and McMillan streets, Conscious Kitchen occupied a small storefront and built a primarily takeout business on healthier versions of comfort food classics, replacing red meat with lean proteins and abundant vegetarian options, but with so much flavor you wouldn’t consider anything missing. In October 2017, they moved over to Short Vine, adding a spacious dining room with good art and even better natural light—and more to the menu. Of particular note, in no particular order: the Caribbean jerk salad, with chicken so juicy and well-braised that you don’t need the dressing (also, don’t be fooled by the “small” and “large” sizes; the small is huge and rings in at $8.50); the Cuban sandwich, which replaces pulled pork with glazed smoked salmon to delicious effect; and the BLT, with your choice of turkey or salmon bacon (we are so on the hook for the salmon). Carrots stand in for sweet potatoes, both in the form of fries (which are shockingly good even after a few hours in the fridge) and pies—which are now available in select grocery stores, too. Housemade herbal iced teas complement the main plates perfectly, with the tartness of the hibiscus and lime green flavors landing them in the winning spots for us. Ask about daily specials (we hear excellent things about the beet burger), and also not listed on the menu but absolutely not to miss? The crazily well-seasoned greens.

Conscious Kitchen, 2912 Vine St., Corryville, (513) 834-7001

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