Fusian’s Tuna Roll


It feels a bit pompous to actually complain about the fact that I eat out for a living. Mention that I’m kind of burnt out on BBQ (after canvasing local ’cues for the last two months) and there’d be a lot of unsympathetic eye rolling, for sure. So I’ll just say this—I needed a light and tasty lunch and Fusian really nailed it. If you’re not familiar with the local franchise (downtown and Hyde Park), they are basically the Chipotle of sushi. You tell the guy what kind of wrap (nori or soy paper—more on that later), then choose the fillings, including everything from traditional salmon, tuna, and yellow tail preparations to all-American chicken breast, as well as vegetables, cream cheese, etc. Asian style condiments are optional (think spicy mayo, sweet chili, or yakisoba). For this tuna roll, I also included asparagus, scallion, cucumber, and avocado. I also opted for the sesame seed sprinkle, all for $7.25. These rolls are a bit bigger than average—each slice is about two bites. Sides of sesame seaweed salad and marinated cucumbers are also available. In regards to the soy paper, I just can’t wrap my head around it. I tried it once, and it was like, well, tasteless paper. Am I missing something?

Fusian, 600 Vine St., downtown, (513) 421-7646, fusian.com


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