Akash Indian Buffet

Most neighborhoods around town can claim at least one Indian restaurant. Some, like Clifton, have several, and newcomers quickly find themselves choosing a camp. But sometimes a lunchtime curry craving just strikes and you’re forced to abandon your loyalties. This was the case last Friday. Akash is downtown, right around the corner from our offices. Buffets aren’t generally my first choice, as very few foods benefit from languishing on a steam table—except for Indian food, that is. The gentle heat allows the liquids to slowly reduce and concentrates the heady spice blends. While $10 might not seem terribly cheap for a lunch, consider that it’s all-you-can-eat­­: jasmine rice, assorted veg and meat curries, tandoori chicken, vegetable pakora, naan, and those tasty yogurt, cilantro, and tamarind sauces. For all that you get, it’s definitely a deal. 24 E 6th St., downtown, (513) 723-1300, akashindia.net

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