Brunch All Day, Everyday

Because sometimes 10 a.m. on Saturday is still too early.

While you probably think of these as go-to brunch spots, they don’t limit the goodness to the hours of 10–2 on weekends.

Maplewood Kitchen and Bar
A nouveau cafeteria with upscale/hipster choices (avocado toast! quinoa cakes!) that can make your breakfast meeting feel like a vacation. 525 Race St., downtown, (513) 421-2100,

Sleepy Bee Café 
Three bees serve breakfast and lunch using local, pesticide-free, non-GMO ingredients. And the gluten-free Bee Cakes aren’t bad, either. Downtown, Oakley, and Blue Ash;

Sugar n’ Spice
For nearly 80 years this Bond Hill institution has had you covered, whether you need wispy-thin pancakes on Wednesday or a gyro omelette on Thursday. 4381 Reading Rd., Bond Hill, (513) 242-3521,

Hangover Easy
With 40 taps, a full bar, and a menu that includes “Tachos”—tater tots topped with chorizo, queso, and all the trimmings—your pounding head and howling belly will both be satisfied. 13 W. Charlton St., Clifton Heights, (513) 221-5400,

The Echo
In true diner style, breakfast is served anytime. A rotating seasonal menu offers changing favorites—sweet potato waffle, anyone? 3510 Edwards Rd., Hyde Park, (513) 321-2816,

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