You Should Be Eating This: Kitchen 452’s Banh Mi Salad

This is a paradigm shift: The Banh Mi Salad. For some, to take the Banh Mi out of the French baguette is to remove the visible colonial influence that makes the dish unique. I disagree. Rendering the now-ubiquitous Vietnamese sandwich into salad form not only brightens it up, but it allows the tangy flavor of the banh mi’s unique ingredients to shine through. Kitchen 452, the small but lovely cafe in East Walnut Hills, mixes shredded greens with soy, ginger, pickled vegetables, cilantro, lime, and the all-important garlic marinated ground pork. Try it with yet another clever menu shift: The Caprese Grilled Cheese sandwich. This is the Italian caprese salad—mozzarella, tomatoes, and basil—stacked onto Shadeau’s white bread and grilled to toasty, melty perfection.

2714 Woodburn Ave., East Walnut Hills,

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