Rongrong Li

Age: 49 Country of birth: China Neighborhood: West Chester Occupation: Food scientist

What brought you here? School. I finished my Ph.D. at The University of Georgia.

Does anything remind you of home? Nothing, really. However, it is a great opportunity to be here. I am settled here. I do miss home, but every time I go back to visit, after a few weeks, I’m ready to come back here. I have two American-born boys.

What still seems foreign? Everywhere I’ve lived has weird parts. I’ve lived in Europe and different places. However, this is the place for better opportunities and a better life.

What is your American Dream? I want to be happy. I want to be free to express myself, and enjoy a great life. I hope the children have a better life than me.

Photographed with her son, James Wright, whose father is from Jamaica.

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