Mayor Cranley’s Cheat Sheet

The mayoral election was driven primarily by two issues: the streetcar and the parking meter lease. But we asked some folks who should know what unexamined issues will really grab our attention in 2014.

Waste Water 
In a city with sewer infrastructure that dates back over 100 years, making sure the system is working is a high priority. The Metropolitan Sewer District is working on several green infrastructure projects, the biggest being the Lick Run daylighting project. We need to address sewer overflows in watersheds and restoring natural assets to improve storm water retention. —John Yung, Editor at

Pension Reform 
The city is facing approximately $860 million of unfunded pension liability. It’s a tremendous piece of the city’s budget. We need to bring that into balance. This will not be a quick fix like the recently proposed city charter amendment to Issue 4. This must be done right, or we’ll be re-visiting this very issue again and again. —Michael Goldman, Executive Committee Chairman of the Charter Committee

Crime remains an issue, though you wouldn’t necessarily know it from reading the headlines. But the city’s new police chief, Jeffrey Blackwell, is rightfully committing to combat a rise in homicides and aggravated assaults. Street robbery also continues to be a city problem, one not properly being addressed by city leadership. —Alex Triantafilou, Chairman of the Hamilton County Republican Party

Jobs Training
Economic development. We have a major African-American population, but look at the percentage of inclusion: It’s very small. How do we create wealth for African-Americans, not just jobs? Training. Why couldn’t we say that five percent of all city and county contract funds be directed to train individuals? We have to have a trained workforce. —DeAnna Hoskins, Hamilton County Reentry Director

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