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    Rohs Street Café’s Mocha Latte
    The pride of the café: steamed Snowville milk gets a double shot of espresso and two squirts of Rohs Street’s own chocolate syrup, made in-store with Dagoba organic chocolate. It’s finished with a sprinkling
    of cocoa.

    Sidewinder’s Mexican Latte
    A 16-ounce serving uses two shots of espresso and two squirts of Ghirardelli chocolate syrup in steamed milk, plus a dash of cinnamon and a generous shake of cayenne pepper, all topped with whipped cream.

    Tazza Mia’s Pale Horse Bourbon Latte
    Roaster Rob Hoos, the creator, refuses to part with the exact recipe, but it’s a blend of espresso, steamed Snowville milk, and white chocolate syrup, plus a shot of  Hoos’s secret sauce: Kentucky bourbon syrup. 

    Refuge Coffee Bar’s Hot Apple Pie
    Something for the kids, when they tag along on your quest for a caffeine fix. A mug of hot apple juice gets one squirt each of Monin apple syrup and Monin caramel syrup, then is anointed with cinnamon.

    Coffee Please’s White Chocolate Almond Latte
    This 16-ounce drinkable dessert gets two shots of espresso, steamed milk, a heaping spoonful of Ghirardelli white chocolate powder, a squirt of Torani almond syrup, and a whipped cream topping.

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