Abraham Armah

Age: 31 Country of birth: Ghana Neighborhood: Lexington, Kentucky Occupation: Student

What brought you here? I came because of school. I went to Northern Kentucky University, and I completed a degree in economics. But now I’m switching careers to nursing, so I’m back in school at the University of Kentucky.

Does anything remind you of home? My friends and family.

What still seems foreign? Originally, I had some culture shock. But I am beginning to get used to things. Americans are a little bit more individualistic. In my culture and background, families are always united, but here it’s different, an independent lifestyle.

What’s your American Dream? Most of my goals are being fulfilled right now. Becoming a citizen is one of my biggest goals. Graduating with a degree in economics was one of my biggest goals. Hopefully, by next year, I have a degree in nursing. I want one of the biggest houses. I want to have a good life. That’s what America is about.

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