Toast of the Town

    A whole neighborhood of breakfast options.

    What’s the deal with Northside? Is it populated entirely by “morning people”? Or does it sit on A magnetic field that attracts the chronically hung over and caffeine-addicted? Whatever the reason, it is—hands down—the best breakfast neighborhood ever. —Linda Vaccariello

    1) Sidewinder
    Coffee shop with an Earth Shoe vibe. Tofu burritos, vegan and non-vegan baked goods, and a killer Mexican latte. • 4181 Hamilton Ave., (513) 542-8321. Mon–Fri 7 am–10 pm, Sat & Sun 8 am–10 pm

    2) Take the Cake
    Bakery-cum-café with communal tables. Outrageously rich French toast bread pudding and biscuits as tender as Mamaw’s. • 4035 Hamilton Ave., (513) 241-2772. Brunch Sat & Sun 9 am–2 pm

    3) Honey
    Honey’s eggs Benedict and  Binkle fries surely must have their own official fan club by this time. • 4034 Hamilton Ave., (513) 541-4300. Brunch Sun 11 am–2 pm

    4) Melt Eclectic Deli
    Vegan-friendly. The hot brown is decadently cheesy, and the French toast is made with challah from Sweet William’s Bakery. • 4165 Hamilton Ave., (513) 681-6358. Brunch Sun 10 am–3 pm

    5) Blue Jay
    Comfortable booths, vintage counter, and hearty breakfast. Two eggs, home fries, and pan-crisped goetta will set you back just $5.60. • 4154 Hamilton Ave., (513) 541-0847. Mon–Sat 8 am–3:30 pm

    6) Park Chili
    Known for  “The Mess”: eggs, meat, and potatoes swathed in a hangover-clearing blanket of gravy. • 4160 Hamilton Ave., (513) 541-9902. Mon–Fri 7 am–6 pm, Sat 7 am–2 pm, Sun 9 am–1 pm

    7) Bonomini Bakery
    For the roll-and-coffee crowd, this old fashioned bakery is open before dawn so you can get your doughnuts and joe to go. • 1677 Blue Rock St., (513) 541-7501. Mon–Sat 5 am–6 pm

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