The Neighbors

Howdy, Neighbor

Editor’s note: This restaurant is closed.

As little neighborhood restaurants close left and right, it’s nice to see a place deciding it’s a good time to finally start serving food. The Neighbors has been a friendly little west side local bar for years. They now add a short-order menu to give you something tasty to wash down. As bar menus go, this isn’t an obligatory one. For most sandwiches, you can choose either a burger or a chicken breast. The Opa’ gets Greek spices, feta, black olives, and Greek dressing. The Asian Schoolgirl—“sweet but a little dangerous”—has a sweet Asian sauce and wasabi mayo. The Bama comes with barbecue seasoning, cheddar cheese, and bacon. The Big Monkey is not recommend for heart patients with its two burgers topped with bacon and bourbon onions and stuffed between two grilled cheese sandwiches. There are more sandwiches, some filling salads, and a soup of the day, too. For those just looking for an appetizer, the fried pickles are a very hot item here. But their creamy Tiger Sauce is a dip worthy of anything they deep-fry: mushrooms, zucchini, fries, chicken strips, cheese sticks, or jalapeño poppers. Everything I tried was better-than-bar-food caliber and worthy of a teetotaler treating The Neighbors as their local eating spot. Oh, I guess I should mention that it’s a decent place to get a drink, too. There’s a deck out back, darts, pool, the typical big-screens for games, and the occasional live band. The crowd is full of cordial regulars, mostly folks who live close enough to walk to get here. Just like your neighbors.

The Neighbors
3269 North Bend Rd., Monfort Heights
(513) 481-8400
Prices: $4.25–$10. Lunch and dinner seven days.

Originally published in the October 2011 issue.


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