Takeout Hero: Ron’s Roost

The chicken at Ron’s Roost is legendary and the array of preparations so dizzying that the place is a veritable yard bird institution. And while you can always dine in and leave your mess behind—they’ve got more than enough seats—you can also carry out and enjoy this comfort food in, well, comfort. The bonus being that you won’t get caught finger-lickin’ in somebody else’s selfie. Ron’s menu boasts a wing run down that includes teriyaki, BBQ, and Caribbean-style sweet and spicy flavors available in orders of 6, 12, 18, and 24. Liver lovers can dig into a pint of deep fried chicken livers served with a boat of gravy for dipping. Looking for the whole bird? Key cuts (halves, thigh quarters, and bone-in breasts) are all available roasted, barbecued, or fried. In regards to the latter, they claim to be Cincinnati’s best. I’ll not argue that—especially considering they sell over 10,000 pieces a week. And while their burgers, meatloaf, and chronically-crisp Saratoga chips are nothing to scoff at, you really don’t want to miss their classic country sides: Think hot bacon slaw, slow-cooked green beans, German-style (more bacon!) potato salad, and voluminous mounds of fluffy mashed potatoes. Carryout has become so popular that the sides—including Ron’s gravy—can be purchased by the half gallon. Careful buying that much gravy though, it can easily engender an addiction that goes straight to the hips.

Ron’s Roost, 3853 Race Rd., Bridgetown, (513) 574-0222, ronsroost.net. Lunch and dinner Mon–Sun, breakfast Sun.

Originally published in the March 2015 issue.

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