Sweet Life

    Six fresh-baked reasons to get out of bed.

    Vegan Doughnuts
    Clark and Minnie’s Vegan Confectionary Co.
    Vanilla glazed, chocolate iced with toasted coconut, old-fashioned dunking sticks, orange cream, cherry cordial, and peanut butter cup crumble: Compassion in traditional and quirky forms, always sweet.• Sidewinder Coffee, Northside, (513) 542-8321

    Cream Scones
    Bluebird Bakery
    A sibling to the biscuit, authentic scones should be butterfat rich with a slightly dense crumb and not overly precious with ingredients. Owner Jenny Dennis keeps it real with simple varieties such as lemon poppy seed, cream cheese, and jam-topped.• 29 Village Square, Glendale, (513) 772-5633

    Cheese Danish
    Shadeau Breads
    A crisp, golden exterior yields to a tender flaketastic interior with a pocket of vanilla-scented ricotta. • 1336 Main St., Over-the-Rhine, (513) 665-9270

    Frieda’s Desserts
    Croissants represent European baking at its finest, and nobody makes a more elegant example than Armin Hack. His almond croissant is a multi-layered masterpiece crowned in crunchy caramelized almonds.• 6927 Miami Ave., Madeira, (513) 272-0939

    Coffee Cake
    We want to love other breakfast cakes as much as we love Annabel Stolley’s blueberry almond, but the wonderful tang of sour cream, rich consistency of almond paste, and snap of fresh blueberries has bewitched us into cake monogamy. • 1004 Delta Ave., Mt. Lookout, (513) 417-8669 

    Cinnamon Roll
    Cake Rack Bakery
    Rich brioche dough takes this cinnamon roll to a new dimension. Glazed with brown butter buttercream icing, it’s every bit as “fantabulicious” as pastry chef/owner Jeanette Werle declares them to be—and more. • Findlay Market, 1801 Race St., Over-the-Rhine, (513) 549-8623

    Illustration by Pete Gamlen

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