Meat Your Breakfast

    Because here in Porkopolis, you can’t start your day without a little pig.

    Eckerlin Meats
    Eckerlin makes breakfast sausage two ways, and they’re both exceptional. The links are hand-tied individually in sheep casing, with mustard seed adding old-world German flair. Like the links, the bulk sausage is made only from Boston butt, which produces hearty and flavorful patties free from back fat or fillers. • Findlay Market, between Elm and Race streets, Over-the-Rhine, (513) 721-5743

    Pepper Bacon
    Kroeger & Sons Meats
    This bacon is big. Ordering a pound will get you only 12 slices, but just one is more than enough to wake up your tongue. The pepper flavor is strong but not overpowering, and the fat practically dissolves in your mouth. • Findlay Market, between Elm and Race streets, Over-the-Rhine, (513) 651-5543

    Even among locals, goetta carries something of a mysterious aura, but the recipe for Glier’s is actually quite simple: pork, beef, pinhead oats, and spices. When your goetta starts popping in the pan, be patient. Cook it until the outside turns golden brown, so the crisp edges fortify the creamy center. • (859) 291-1800,

    Avril-Bleh & Sons Meat Market
    The folks at Avril-Bleh let their meat do the talking. The ham steaks aren’t souped-up with too much brown sugar or mustard or honey. This is simply top-notch, meticulously cured pork. It’s moist, sweet, and the meat around the bone is worth fighting over. • 33 E. Court St., downtown, (513) 241-2433,

    Photograph by Ryan Kurtz

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