Doris & Sonny’s Homelike Restaurant

You just don’t find enough restaurants with good arrowhead collections anymore. You used to see them everywhere. Didn’t they used to have an arrowhead collection on the wall at Olive Garden? Maybe I’m mistaken, but Doris & Sonny’s Homelike Restaurant keeps up this tradition with not one, but two fascinating arrowhead displays, along with their fine collection of cow memorabilia. Hidden away in Miamitown, which is hidden away itself, this is a place with homey breakfasts, honest sandwiches, and chicken-fried steak. With the biscuits and gravy, omelettes, and goetta, and the Big Sonny half-pound burger with cheese, it may not be like your home, but it’s like one where you wouldn’t mind sitting back for an hour or so and then sticking around for a slice of pie. What pie is it? It doesn’t matter. Doris’s son Kent still makes the homemade pies—you can’t get that everywhere—and they’re good no matter what flavor they have that day. I had the apple cobbler (above) last time. They tried to force me to have it á la mode. I wasn’t in the mood for mode, but it was still pretty darn ethereal in a cement-lawn-goose kind of way. It’s not just home-like here, it’s friendly-like. They encourage you to put your business card under the glass cover on the table. This is the kind of place where they want you back. I think it’s some kind of substance they bake in the pies to get you addicted.

Doris & Sonny’s Homelike Restaurant
6856 State Route 128, Miamitown
(513) 353-9828
Prices: $5–$8
Breakfast and Lunch seven days

Originally published in the May 2010 issue.

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