Try This: Chicken on the Run


Bar or restaurant? When you’re unsure, it’s time to consult the golden ratio: kids at tables to grizzled old guys hunched over the bar. On a recent Saturday mid-afternoon visit to Chicken on the Run, the ratio was 6:5. Three families with two kids each and five guys at the bar who surely get their mail there. A balanced ratio denoting a preferred local watering hole that’s also family-friendly with decent food. While chicken might be the namesake, they’re oddly known for their burgers—the good ol’ American kind with bacon, cheese, tartar sauce, lettuce, and a nostalgic price to match. Of course, chicken is available, or bored barflies would have insisted the management change the name to Heifer on the Run years ago. Get your fowl grilled, in a quesadilla, or the pièce de résistance, in a chicken cordon bleu sandwich. Deep-fried fish filets, “Fire Fries” (drenched in melted cheese and plenty of hot sauce), and Deer Park’s best chili, purportedly, round out the menu. (Not everyone concurs on the chili.) Decor here is timeless with a classic video arcade against the wall. Revel in the kids’ confusion as they realize there are no handheld devices here—let them belly up to the Pac-Man while you belly up to the bar.

7255 Ohio Ave., Deer Park, (513) 791-6577

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