Billie’s Skyline Tavern


It doesn’t get more fair to middlin’ than Billie’s Skyline Tavern. This little place next to NKU is in a house. Not even an old house, just a normal little everyday house that you might mistake for Mr. and Mrs. Middle America’s place where they raised their average two-and-a-half kids. If it weren’t for the sign out front, you’d never even know it was a bar. Food here is—as you’d expect—normal bar fare: Billie’s big ’ol third-pound Skyline Burger, steak hoagie, and onion petals. Soft pretzels, chicken chili, and an Icelandic Cod sandwich. There’s nothing on this menu you won’t find in any other typical bar, with the exception of maybe the fried green beans and ranch for dipping. Now don’t get me wrong: I love this place. In a world where every bar and grill is determined to be something bigger and better or—worse yet—something they’re not, it’s nice to hang out where they’re not striving to be much of anything. Where the regulars are really just regular people suckin’ down a regular beer and a basket of wings (see above) at a place where everybody knows your age, since you’ve all been coming here for so long. I think anyone would consider it a real honor to blend in with the habitual inhabitants of this place and be called one of the usual suspects. It’s so ordinary, it’s out of the ordinary. Nothing special here. But then, I guess that’s something special these days.

Billie’s Skyline Tavern

430 Johns Hill Rd., Highland Heights
(859) 441-6713
Prices: $4–$8
Lunch and dinner seven days

Originally published in the September 2010 issue.

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