Scott LaFollette

Beer Scientist

Scott Lafollette began brewing beer in his basement as a cheaper way to drink. Thirteen years later, he quit his job as a chemist to start Blank Slate Brewing Company.

What’s with the name? I’m starting over, professionally. I basically made plastic in big machines all day, but people treated it like it was life or death. It just wasn’t my thing.

Are you starting with bottles? Or on-tap? We’ll start out draft-only in bars and restaurants and do a little bit of bottling later into the summer and early fall.

What beers will you release first? We will launch with an American session ale called Movin’ On, an easy drinking adaptation of an English bitter, and an American Wheat beer called Pour…Wait…Repeat.

Do you have a favorite? That’s like asking which kid is your favorite. It depends on the day of the week and my mood—whatever one is in my hand at the time.

Your business card calls you the “proprietor, janitor, yeast farmer”—do you have a partner in all of this? I don’t. But my wife is paying all the bills at home right now while I get this thing up and running. She’s my number one stockholder. Right after the bank.

Blank Slate Brewing Company
4233 Airport Rd.
(513) 979-4540

Originally published in the May 2012 issue.

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