Apple Tree Cafe

Comfort Me With Apples

Yeah, at the Apple Tree Café they have deli sandwiches: the BLT or double decker egg salad and ham, salads like Caesar or spinach, soups like ham and bean or chicken and dumplings that make you go running into the kitchen shouting “Grandma? Oh. What a nice beard you have.” But people are here for what comes off the griddle. Like the goetta, eggs, and potatoes or the classic French toast. Or the grilled sandwiches like the Italian or the tuna melt. Or the sirloin steak or sausage and sauerkraut. OK, but what about cholesterol? you may ask. Oh, that myth. The attitude here is that cardiologists really shouldn’t write cookbooks. The Apple Tree is well hidden. From the aging-strip-mall exterior you’d never know that this little place with knotty pine booths and knickknack-laden walls is even here. But inside the griddle is sizzling and someone is always asking if they can freshen up your coffee. So what is it that attracts the crowd of regulars? Maybe it’s that they cook just about everything from scratch. From the soups to the pies, it’s all lovingly made in the kitchen. Or maybe it’s that they serve breakfast anytime. The further we get away from eating a real honest-to-gawd breakfast in the morning, the more likely we are to crave pancakes and an omelette for dinner. Or maybe the anti-barista crowd just likes a cup of coffee hot from the pot and not from a gazillion-dollar machine. Whatever the reason, there’s usually a table open for you at this place.

Apple Tree Café, 3920 E. Galbraith Rd., Dillonvale, (513) 984-2233.

Originally published in the March 2013 issue.

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